I am a Licensed and Board Certified Occupational Therapist with twenty six years of experience in working with children and adults with all types of disabilities. I have practiced Occupational Therapy the majority of my career in the West TN area, where I have lived with my family for more than twenty years. I have wide experience in working with children and adults with developmental & intellectual disabilities in multiple settings, the elder in skilled nursing facilities, and mentally ill individuals in various Rehab centers. I am an Occupational Therapist using traditional OT interventions as well as holistic approaches, such as Yoga, mindfulness, expressive art, positive psychology, etc. As an OT my specialty is "Sensory Integration", as I have desensitized and retrained a great number of individuals with sensory processing challenges during my entire career, and effectively help them to overcome different disorders product of their brain's limitations to organize sensory stimulation.

    I am a certified Yoga Teacher 500-RTY, and a Certified Yoga Therapist CYT with focus on Integrative Health. I am a graduate of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) by Palouse Mindfulness method.

    My interventions are based on providing guidance, support and training to my clients and caregivers to improve their current situation. I am passionate about my clients progress and helping them to overcome any barriers or limitations (Physically and Psychologically) that may interfere from living their life to their full potential.


    As a Yoga trained facilitator, I am able to get a comprehensive assessment of my yoga students and yoga therapy clients needs due to my background as an Occupational therapist with (Orthopedic, psychiatric, psychological, and psycho social training). Whether you are a student in my class or a client receiving yoga therapy, you will be able to receive an integrative approach in my teachings and overall interventions.


    I can be contacted via email to schedule an Occupational Therapy or a Yoga Therapy free consultation.

    See Yoga for wellness section for current schedules of classes, private classes, and workshops).

    Berenice Sansone, OTR/L , RYT500, CYT




  • ~Sensory Integration & Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD)~

    Sensory integration is the ability of the brain to organize effectively sensory input from the environment and from its own body. A person with sensory integration dysfunction might encounter immense challenges to integrate into society (Home, school, work, etc.). Sensory integration intervention requires the clinician (OT) to conduct specialized clinical observations and formal evaluations in order to determine what areas are in need of treatment, retraining, and re-education of the brain. Some common signs of sensory dysfunction related to tactile defensiveness are but not limited: Defensiveness to oral care, hair cuts, nail care, rejection with eating certain foods, etc. There might be more than one area affecting good sensory integration, such as poor proprioceptive regulation (Poor coordination, and abilities to manipulate items, difficulties in handwriting, etc). It is important to understand well how sensory integration deficits can be addressed clinically with the assistance of a qualified and experienced therapist in the area of sensory integration, in order for the individual to learn how overcome sensory challenges for an optimal quality of life.

    Sensory programs: Available in many different varieties and based on individualized needs (I.e.: Desensitization for tooth brushing, picky eater, nail care, auditory overload/defensiveness to crowds/new environments, lack of coordination for handwriting, poor body awareness, defensiveness to movement, etc.). For more information on sensory integration and treatment email me for a free 15 min consultation.

  • The Self-Love Program

    The Self- Love Program Is a 12 Steps trauma informed-holistic program designed to learn self care, self love, and wellness through multiple modalities (Yoga, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Self Inquiring Art, etc.). This program starts every 3 months, and consists of 12 classes meeting weekly online via Zoom. It is facilitated in group or in private- individual sessions. The Self-Love Program creates a safe place to meet, practice, and learn how to truly love ourselves;it constitutes a support system for people recovering from addictions, struggling with mental illnesses symptoms or simply for self inquiry.

    At the end of this program, students can expect to shift to a more self compassionate and healthy lifestyle, and a greater appreciation for their current journey and situation in life.

    All students become part of a community of a like-minded individuals with a vision of living their life with joy, gratitude, and to their fullest potential. To inquire about next starting date of the program, send an email with subject "Self love program dates"









    Yoga & Mindfulness for Wellness

    Yoga & Mindfulness for sensory integration, self regulation, stress management, mental health, and substance abuse recovery.

    Yoga is a discipline and not a religion; Yoga uses poses, mindfulness, and breathing exercises to achieve an optimum level of performance physically, and mentally. Yoga has been known to help alleviate symptoms of some medical conditions, and /or help to manage others, such as: Addictions, Asthma, Backache, Cancer, Cold, Constipation, Depression, Diabetes, Headache, Heart disorders, Hypertension, Indigestion, Insomnia, Menstrual disorders, Migraines, Obesity, Prostate troubles, Rheumatism,Sinus,Skin diseases, Sore throat, Stress, Wrinkles.

    Yoga will not replace medical care. Consult with your doctor before initiating a Yoga practice.


    As an Occupational therapist, I have realized the great impact of including yoga and mindfulness as modalities of treatment in my clinical interventions with my clients with Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, etc. Besides working with individuals with developmental disabilities, I am passionate about working with individuals recovering from substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

    I am able to adapt the environment and each session accordingly to every persons needs using appropriate yoga poses, yoga equipment, breathing, and different mindfulness techniques.I lead group classes and individual sessions for children and adults.

    As a Certified Yoga Therapist, I will evaluate, and design an individualized plan of treatment using yoga poses, meditation, and mindfulness in order to achieve the best outcome for the identified conditions.


    Contact me via email for more information on how Holistic approaches can help for overall Wellness.




    Yoga- Mindfulness classes and online courses:


    The "Self Love Program" 12 Steps journey using yoga, and mindfulness practices to learn self love. 12 classes. 1:1 Support classes for individuals recovering from additions at any stage of the recovering process, mental illness symptoms, and /or self inquire (See testimonials section). Online via Zoom


    Corporate Yoga (Available Online via Zoom). Yoga in the office, schools, healthcare facilities, multiple schedules). Call to reserve your preferred time.


    Yoga all levels (Seasonal outdoor class TBA)

    Wednesdays 7:00 p.m. (Yoga basics, all levels, gentle and relaxing yoga)

    Location: TBA-Different locations.


    (Call for current schedule, or sign up to receive updated dates and locations)


    Yoga for Substance Abuse recovery support.

    Wednesdays 5:45pm

    Location: Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. Memphis, TN

    (Not a public class)


    Mindfulness & Mandalas for self discovery and self healing. Online via Zoom and different locations.

    Location: TBA (Different locations)

    Phone#: 731-5717810

    (Call for current schedule, or sign up to receive updated dates and locations)

    Contact to RSRV. Space is limited.

  • Yoga classes & Yoga Therapy

    ~The following yoga classes can be provided individually or in groups. On site or Online via Zoom. Contact me for availability and rates~


    Corporate Yoga. Bring Yoga to your work place (Office, schools, clinics, healthcare facilities, etc.) and learn how to start taking care of your physical body and mind even when you are at the desk.

    Yoga for Seniors. Designed to keep our Senior Citizens active, flexible in spite of any health issues or physical limitations. Gentle stretched mostly done sitting on a chair (Chair yoga). Wheelchair bound individuals are welcome to this class.

    Yoga for Self regulation. This class is ideal for stress management, sensory integration, autism, ADHD, etc. Students will learn how to regulate (Calm) their Central Nervous System in order to cope with daily life demands, stress, anxiety, etc.

    Yoga at School. This classes are oriented to provide children in the school setting with the multisensory input that developing brains needs. Researches has shown that children who practice yoga and mindfulness are more effective and focus with academic tasks and kinder to their peers.

    Yoga for individuals for physical limitations. Class designed to assist in managements of contractures, pain, and mobility issues. Individuals with physical disabilities will learn how to use yoga to prevent complications (Contractures, balance and equilibrium issues, etc.) due to lack of body movement.

    Yoga & Mindfulness for support on substance abuse and trauma recovery. This class teaches principles of yoga and how to adapt them into a "New and healthy" life style. Includes basic yoga poses and mindfulness.

    Mindful Yoga and Mandalas. This classes teaches how to use basic breathing, gentle yoga movements and expressive art (Mandala art) for self discovery, self observation, mindfulness, and healing. Learn how to use Mandalas to explore your subconscious mind, and heal.

    Restorative Yoga. Learn basic breathing techniques, and relaxing poses to assist in activating calming responses. Ideal for anyone who needs to slow down and learn the healing effect of restorative rest.

    Yoga for Wellness. Available to adults and teenagers. Class aims to assist in living a more active lifestyle, and learn healthy habits to stay healthy. Involves different levels, intensities, and modalities of yoga to assist with weight loss, flexibility, and overall wellness.


    Yoga Therapy sessions: Evaluation and treatment using yoga principles to treat and aliviate multiple health conditions such as: Arthritis, back pain, Immune disorders, orthopedic conditions, autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, etc. (Yoga poses, meditation, and mindfulness)



  • Yoga For Addictions Recovery-Support Class



    "Berenice is a God sent to the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation program for men & women...Berenice volunteers her time by sharing her yoga classes which helps the women mentally, and physically through their recovery addiction. This is something these ladies may never have the opportunity to experience but thanks to Berenice Sansone they are able to...Thanks Berenice for your dedication & utmost love"

    ~ K. White, Program Director at Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center. Memphis, TN



    "This class is amazing in every way! Don't change anything!

    C.M. , Yoga student at SA Adult Rehabilitation Center. Memphis, TN




    "Being in your class has changed my life. You have inspired me to become a Yoga Teacher"

    N.F. , Yoga student at SA Adult Rehabilitation Center, Memphis, TN




    "Yoga class can teach you to love yourself and give you a lot of wisdom"

    T.C. , Yoga Student at SA Adult Rehabilitation Center. Memphis, TN



    "I learned how to center myself and find my happy place as well as how to calm myself and relax. I have also learned poses that help me to focus my thoughts being all over the place. I have lastly learned more about gratitude, humility, and forgiveness"

    H.H. , Yoga student at SA Adult Rehabilitation Center, Memphis, TN


  • My Podcast "Happy Yoga"

    Check out my podcast, Happy Yoga, on Anchor.fm~ https://anchor.fm/s/e41de04/podcast/rss
    Episode#1: Accept yourself https://anchor.fm/berenice-prado-sansone
    Interview 02-15-2020: A yoga student success story to recovery and health using her yoga practice: https://anchor.fm/berenice-prado-sansone/episodes/A-Yoga-Student-Success-Story-ears55.

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